Hugs & Kisses is divided into four groups, split according to the developmental age of the children. The number of children in the different groups will vary from time to time, as children progress to the next developmental level. In all the groups, age appropriate activities are planned around weekly themes. The Owls Class is our latest addition, and began operations in 2015.

The Fishes

This group cares for the toddlers from the time they are stable on their feet until approximately 24 months.
The Fishes are staffed by a qualified ECD teacher and two assistants, where the focus is on communication and the continued development of the rudimentary fine and gross motor skills.
There are a maximum of 16 children in the Fishes group.

The Teddies

As the child’s communication skills improve, and fine and gross motor
development improve, more challenging activities are tackled.
The Teddies are staffed by a qualified ECD teacher and two assistants.
There are a maximum of 22 children in the Teddies group.

The Tiggers

The aim of the Tiggers group for three to four year olds is to prepare the children for the transition to Grade 00, the entry point at many Private Schools. Age appropriate, challenging activities are planned on a daily basis based on weekly themes.
The Tiggers are staffed by a qualified ECD teacher and one assistant.
There are a maximum of 22 children in the Tiggers Class.

The Owls

The Owls is staffed by a suitably qualified teacher and one assistant.
The Owls class accommodates a maximum of 20 children.
The focus of the curriculum in The Owls Class is to prepare children for their Grade R year. The curriculum is based on the Department of Education’s Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS), and includes:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Life skills:
    – personal & social wellbeing
    – beginning knowledge
    – creative arts
    – physical education