Covid-19 and the Lockdown in South Africa has changed our lives completely and these changes are affecting our little ones as well. Hugs and Kisses are however opening back up on 3 August and would like to bring some normality back to the daily lives of our children. However things cannot be as they were and we will be living with new routines and structures within our daily routine at school. Below we have a video to explain how each day will need to be run as well as documents and forms which are important to the new processes which have been put in place.

If you still have any questions about what will be happening at school each day and what protocols we have in place please give us a call on
+27 (0) 11 803 4439 or email

Certificate from Dept of Social Development

confirming compliance by Hugs and Kisses with DSD’s Standard Operating Procedures to address prevent and combat the spread of Covid 19

Declaration by Hugs and Kisses

confirming compliance
with DSD’s
Standard Operating Procedures

Certificate of acceptability of feed premises

Issued to Hugs & Kisses by the
City of Johannesburg Health Department
in November 2019

Parents Checklist

This document issued by the Department of Social Development to aid parents to decide when to send their children back to school

Covid-19 Symptoms

The list of symptoms
associated with

Forms to Complete

Learner Health Questionnaire

providing details of any
medical condition your child has.

Weekly Learners Screening Questionnaire

This document will need to be returned every Sunday, covering your child’s health over the weekend after leaving school on the previous Friday

POPI Permission Slip re Photos

permission for Hugs & Kisses to use
photos of your child on our Facebook page

Medication Authorisation Form

no medication will be
given to your child without this authorisation

Application for a Sunninghill Gardens Access Sticker

these stickers are only available to non-residents of Sunninghill Gardens at a cost of R40 per sticker

Forms to be emailed to