Covid 19 Policy re Sick Children

Please refer to the following sections under “We are Covid Ready which detail the protocols regarding sick children under Covid 19:

Sick Children Policy

It has always been the policy at Hugs & Kisses that parents are notified immediately when their child becomes ill. Where their child has a fever, and is miserable, we ask that the child be taken home and we suggest that your child be taken to a doctor and then kept at home until he/she is better.

If you bring your child to school when he/she is sick, apart from your child being miserable at school, the situation is unfair to the other children and the staff at Hugs & Kisses, who are unnecessarily exposed to infection. This also perpetuates the cycle of re-infection of other children, and undermines the good work of those parents who act responsibly when their own child is ill and take them home. We require the full co-operation of all parents in this regard.
We rely on parents to act responsibly regarding sick children.

*We kindly request that you:

  1. React promptly to calls from Hugs & Kisses’ staff when your child becomes ill
  2. Do not send your child in to Hugs & Kisses when he/she is ill
  3. Responsibly treat all in your family who may be ill, including domestic workers
  4. Ensure that all medication is taken (this includes dispensing medication at home!)
  5. Provide suitably warm clothing for your child

*A doctor’s certificate is required, before your child can return to daycare, after suffering from the following conditions:

  1. Uncontrolled diarrhoea and/or vomiting
  2. Mouth sores, with drooling, unless a health professional determines the child’s illness is not communicable
  3. Skin rash with fever unless a health professional has approved that the child may be at school
  4. Conjunctivitis (pink eye) with a discharge
  5. Scabies or head lice
  6. Any contagious disease until a health professional gives written permission to return
  7. A fever over 38° with other behavioural signs of illness
  8. Please inform your child’s supervisor if your child is not coming in to daycare for any reason.
  9. Please also inform us if your child is hospitalised for any reason.

Medication Policy

In order for staff to administer any medication, we require a medication authorisation form to be completed by the parent. We are, unfortunately, not able to administer any medication unless written consent is obtained.

Medication authorisation forms can be downloaded by clicking on the above link.

If your child develops a high temperature during the course of the day, we will obtain telephonic consent to administer Calpol or Paediatric Neurofen.

We do not administer vitamins and other dietary supplements. We will also not administer any suppositories (eg. Empaped or glycerine suppositiories).

The following procedures will be followed for all medication:

  1. A medication instruction form, obtainable from your child’s supervisor (and available for download on our website), must be completed and signed. For any changes in medication or dosage, a new form must be completed and signed (replacing the previous form).
  2. Medication that can be dispensed by parents at home will not be dispensed at Hugs & Kisses.
  3. All medication must be brought in a plastic container (clearly marked with your child’s name), and handed directly to your child’s teacher. (Medication left in your child’s bag will not be dispensed.)
  4. When you collect your child, please check that you have all of your child’s medication, remembering antibiotics that must be kept in the fridge.