In order for staff to administer any medication, we require a medication authorisation form to be completed by the parent. We are, unfortunately, not able to administer any medication unless written consent is obtained.

Medication authorisation forms can be downloaded by clicking on the above link, or alternatively, forms can be obtained from your child’s teacher.

If your child develops a high temperature during the course of the day, we will obtain telephonic consent to administer Calpol or Paediatric Neurofen.

We do not administer vitamins and other dietary supplements. We will also not administer any suppositories (eg. Empaped or glycerine suppositiories).

The following procedures will be followed for all medication:

    1. A medication instruction form, obtainable from your child’s supervisor (and available for download on our website), must be completed and signed. For any changes in medication or dosage, a new form must be completed and signed (replacing the previous form).
    2. Medication that can be dispensed by parents at home will not be dispensed at Hugs & Kisses.
    3. All medication must be brought in a plastic container (clearly marked with your child’s name), and handed directly to your child’s teacher. (Medication left in your child’s bag will not be dispensed.)
    4. When you collect your child, please check that you have all of your child’s medication, remembering antibiotics that must be kept in the fridge.