The answers to most of your questions can be found here. Just click the letter group to show the contents. Refer to “WE ADHERE TO STRICT COVID 19 PROTOCOLS” section for details of procedures during Covid 19.



If your child is going to be absent, please notify us telephonically (on 011 803 4439) or via email ( by 08h30.


Staff need to be notified of all allergies that your child may have.  If your child requires medication of any kind, the medication needs to be available at school, and we require a signed copy of a Medication Authorisation Form which contains written instructions as to the administration of the medication.


We collect anti-waste on an ongoing basis (toilet rolls, egg cartons, cereal boxes, magazines etc.) for use in school craft activities. Please watch out for requests from your child’s teacher for specific items that are needed.



Please provide a suitable bag, clearly marked with your child’s name, that is big enough to accommodate all of his/her possessions (change of clothes, nappies etc.).


Please liaise with your child’s teacher regarding his/her birthday ring.  We ask that you donate a birthday book, on behalf of your child, to Hugs & Kisses on the occasion of their birthday.

Birthday book:

On the occasion of your child’s birthday we request that you participate in the Hugs & Kisses tradition of donating an age appropriate book to your child’s group. Your child’s supervisor will put a certificate in the front of the book detailing by whom the book was donated, and will read the book to the class. The book will be kept in your child’s class for all future children who pass through Hugs & Kisses to enjoy.

Birthday invitations:

We are happy to hand out birthday invitations.  We cannot however be held responsible for getting replies from parents.  You are welcome to put up a reply list in your child’s classroom.

Baby bottles:

Bottles and teats must be supplied by the parent, making sure that they are clearly marked with the child’s name.  We use electronic steam sterilisers to sterilise the bottles.  We will inform you when teats need to be replaced. (The teat size needs to be recorded on your child’s application forms.)

A good labelling system can be found at:


  • Fishes, Teddies & Tiggers Classes:

Please note that no breakfast will be served to any child who arrives after 08h30.

  • Owls Class

If you would like your child to enjoy breakfast at school, please ensure that you drop them off by 07h45 as learning in our Grade 00 class starts promptly at 08h00.


Christmas Party:

We hold an annual Christmas party on the Hugs & Kisses premises at the end of November for the Hugs & Kisses children (no parents or siblings).

We ask parents to supply a gift for their child and to contribute towards eats for the party.

Collection of children:

In the afternoon children are to be collected from their classroom, the playground or the sensory (depending on the time of collection).

Please ensure that you inform your child’s teacher if there are any changes relating to who collects your child from school, and be sure to supply the identity number of said person.

If you child is being collected by a driving service, please make sure to inform the driver that they need to collect the child from their classroom or the playground (depending on the time of collection).


Communication between parents and staff is vital.  Please ensure that you discuss matters of importance, as early as possible, with your child’s teacher.  Daily  communication will be made via WhatsApp with your child’s supervisor.  Alternatively you can contact Sue Liebenberg via email (


Daddies, Uncles & Grandpas Morning:

Daddies, Uncles & Grandpas Morning is held for all classes, where the daddies, uncles and grandpas are invited to spend a morning with their children at school.

Dietary restrictions:

Your child’s teacher must be notified of any dietary restrictions applicable to your child.  These dietary restrictions will be communicated with Thulani Buthelezi who prepares all the meals and snacks for the children at Hugs & Kisses.

Please note that while we do accommodate children’s allergies and dietary restrictions our food is neither Kosher nor Halaal.

Please see the Hugs & Kisses menu


Positive reinforcement is ongoing and children are recognised and praised whenever possible.  We do however expect the children to be well mannered and respect all Hugs & Kisses staff and the other children at all times.  When discipline is necessary the time out policy is used at Hugs & Kisses. Corporal punishment is strictly forbidden.

Drop off of children in the morning:

Children may only be dropped off from 07:00. We will not receive children before 07:00.  Children are to be taken directly to their classrooms in the mornings.  We do not allow children to be dropped off at the entrance.

If your child is being dropped off by a driving service, please make sure to inform the driver that they need to accompany your child to their classroom.

If you are leaving your child’s car seat at Hugs & Kisses, for the person collecting your child to use, please ensure that:

The car seat is clearly marked with your child’s name

That you inform your child’s class supervisor that you are leaving your child’s car seat at Hugs & Kisses for use when your child is collected


Dummies are to be supplied by the parents. Please make sure they are clearly marked.


Easter Bonnet Parade:

The Easter Bonnet Parade will be held every year (ALL CLASSES). We ask parents to show their creative ability by designing an Easter bonnet for their child to wear in the Easter Bonnet Parade.

Educational entertainment:
During the course of the year we have puppet shows, a farm animal visit and a pets visit. We do not take children on any outings as they are too young. 


Hugs & Kisses communicates with all parents via email.
Please add to your safe email address list.
If you are not receiving any Hugs & Kisses emails please check your spam folder.

On a monthly basis invoices are emailed out to all parents. Parents will also receive a monthly calendar and a list of songs for the month ahead. If you are not receiving these emails please send an email to so the problem can be rectified.

Enrolment Fee:
A non-refundable enrolment fee of R2 000 is required to secure a place for your child. Only one deposit per family is necessary.

Extra mural activities:
A limited number of extra-murals are offered at Hugs & Kisses.  Please contact the school for details.  Please Note: All of the extra mural activities offered at Hugs & Kisses are outsourced, and are offered at an extra cost, with payment to be made directly to the service provider and not to Hugs & Kisses.

082 886 1200

Soccercise Starz

011 882 3428


All of the extra mural activities offered at Hugs & Kisses are outsourced, and are offered at an extra cost, with payment to be made directly to the service provider and not to Hugs & Kisses.



Fees are payable strictly a month in advance.  We prefer EFTs, but do accept cash.

** If paying in cash, please pay us directly at Hugs & Kisses and do not deposit the cash  into the Hugs & Kisses bank account (due to the bank charging a cash deposit fee)

A receipt for cash received will be issued.

Click here to find out more on all Fees

Please Note: a full month’s fees are payable in both January and December



It is compulsory that all children have a sun hat, that is clearly marked, that remains at Hugs & Kisses.  If children do not have a sun hat and sun block they will not be allowed to play outside.  The hat needs to be large enough to provide protection for the face, neck and ears.  As such, a cap is not suitable (unless a fisherman’s cap).  Please replace your child’s hat if asked to do so, as hats do become too small as the children grow.


Hugs & Kisses caters for the working parent, and therefore does not follow a three or four term school calendar and thus does not close for school holidays during the year. However, at the end of the year, Hugs & Kisses will close for about three weeks for our year end break.  Hugs & Kisses is closed on public holidays.

In addition to this, Hugs & Kisses will be closed for one or two days during the year, in order to give our staff well-earned long weekends.


There are no discounts or refunds should your child not be able to attend daycare, whether as a result of illness, or because you have gone away on vacation.  The number of staff we employ, and our other overheads (e.g. bond and rates) do not reduce when your child does not attend.

Please follow the link to see all the dates for 2020


Full day care:     07:00 – 16:30
Half day care:    07:00 – 14:00

A R50 fine for late collection is imposed, for collection after 14:30 for half day children and 18:00 for full day children.

**Please do not be late picking up your little ones at the close of the school day. The Hugs & Kisses staff also have families to go home to.


Marking of all possessions:

It is imperative that all your child’s possessions are clearly marked.  This includes shoes, socks and underwear.  Many children have the same clothing and shoes bought from chain stores, leading to confusion.  We cannot be held responsible for items that get lost that are not marked.

A good labelling system can be found at:


We offer breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack.  Please make your child’s supervisor aware of any dietary restrictions and/or allergies.

Our menu for meals runs on a monthly cycle. The menu can be seen here.


In order for staff to administer any medication, we require a Medication Authorisation form to be completed and signed by the parent.  We are, unfortunately, not able to administer any medication unless written consent is obtained.  Medicine Authorisation forms are available here.

If your child develops a high temperature during the course of the day, we will obtain telephonic consent to administer Calpol.

We do not administer vitamins and other dietary supplements. We will also not administer any suppositories (eg. Empaped or glycerine suppositiories).

Mosquito repellent:

During the summer months, as a result of the increased rainfall and higher temperatures, there is an increased incidence of mosquito bites among the children.

To combat the mosquitoes we use Chicco battery powered electronic mosquito deterrents. We obviously cannot use aerosol insecticide spray around the children as this could potentially impact on the children’s health.

If you would like mosquito repellent applied to your child, kindly send in a bottle, clearly labelled with your child’s name, and inform your child’s supervisor that you would like it applied to your child.

Mommies, Aunties & Grannies Morning:

Mommies, Aunties and Grannies Morning is held for all classes, where the mommies, aunties and grannies are invited to spend a morning with their child at school.



Disposable nappies and wet wipes for nappy changes are to be supplied by the parents on a daily basis.

Full Day Care: 7 disposable nappies to be supplied on a daily basis
Half Day Care: 4 disposable nappies to be supplied on a daily basis

We do take measures to ensure that the nappies you have supplied are only used on your child.  Unused nappies are returned home on a daily basis.  We do not store nappies at Hugs & Kisses.



As young as the children are, we are endeavouring to teach them to care for those less fortunate than themselves. As such, you will be informed of the various outreach collections during the year. 


Personal details:

Please notify us of any changes to your personal contact details (email addresses and telephone contact numbers).  It is of vital importance that we have the correct contact details for all parents especially in the case of an emergency.

Post boxes:

Post boxes, for the payment of co-curricular activities, can be found at the entrance of Hugs & Kisses.  We take no part in the administration of these payments.

Potty training:

We undertake potty training, in collaboration with the parents, when your child shows signs of being ready for this developmental step.  This needs to be a non-pressurised experience for both the parents and their child, with the same process followed both at school and at home.

Please see toilet training memo here

It is recommended that parents supply “Pull Ups” for their child if they wish for their child to be potty trained during their time at Hugs & Kisses.



Hugs & Kisses recycles paper/cardboard, tins, and plastic.  To introduce the children to the concept of recycling we have recycling bins on the veranda, and we would like each child to bring in one item each of plastic, tin and paper/cardboard every week.


Hugs & Kisses is registered with the Health Department of Johannesburg Metropolitan Council and the Department of Social Development.  We are subject to inspection at any time by officials from either of these two departments.


Written developmental progress reports are issued in May and in November for all the children at Hugs & Kisses.


Sick children at Hugs & Kisses:

It has always been the policy at Hugs & Kisses that parents are notified immediately when their child becomes ill.  Where the child has a fever and is miserable, we ask that the child be taken home and suggest that the child be taken to a doctor and then kept at home until he/she is better.

If you bring your child to school when he/she is sick, apart from the child being miserable at school, the situation is unfair to other children and the staff at Hugs & Kisses, who are unnecessarily exposed to infection.  This also perpetuates the cycle of re-infection of other children, and undermines the good work of those parents who act responsibly when their own child is ill.

The staff at Hugs & Kisses have strict instructions to contact the parents of sick children and ask them to take them home.  We require the full co-operation of all parents in this regard.

This requires of parents to:

  • React promptly to calls from staff when your child becomes ill
  • Not send your child to daycare when he/she is ill
  • Take your child to the doctor when he/she is unwell
  • Ensure that all medication is taken
  • Obtain a doctor’s note to say when the child is no longer infectious and fit to return to Hugs & Kisses
  • Responsibly treat all in your family who may be ill, including domestic workers
  • Ensure that you have a backup plan for someone to care for your child when he/she is sick at home

Although parents know their children best, we encourage you to keep your child at home under the following exclusion guidelines:

  • Uncontrolled diarrhoea and/or vomiting
  • Mouth sores, with drooling, unless a health professional determines the child’s illness is not communicable
  • Skin rash with fever unless a health professional has approved that the child may be at school
  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye) with a discharge
  • Scabies or head lice
  • Any contagious disease until a health professional gives written permission to return
  • A fever over 38°C with other behavioural signs of illness
  • Green mucus is a definite indication that there is an infection (bacterial / viral)
  • Please inform us if your child is not coming to school for any reason.  Please also inform us if your child is hospitalised for any reason.

Spring Day:

We celebrate the arrival of spring with a spring party and a spring bonnet parade, at the beginning of September.  We supply the party and kindly ask that the parents make a suitable hat to be worn by their child at the parade.

Sun block:

We require that a container of sun block, clearly marked with your child’s name, is left at Hugs & Kisses.  Please respond promptly to a request for the sun block to be replaced.  Children who do not have sun block and a sun hat will not be permitted to go outside to play.

Sunninghill Gardens’ access sticker:

Access stickers are available to non-Sunninghill Gardens residents at a cost of R40 per sticker.

The procedure to follow to get a Sunninghill Gardens sticker has become stricter at the request of Linda Gildenhuys who is in charge of Sunninghill Community’s security.

In order to purchase a Sunninghill Garden’s access sticker:

Request a Access Sticker Information Form via email (this form will also be emailed out to all Hugs & Kisses Parents at the beginning of the year)

Complete the form and return via email (the information form will be in Word document format so you can fill in all your details and then email it back)


Pay the R40 for your sticker – we would prefer parents pay the R40 for the access stickers via EFT, however we will also accept cash. Please when paying cash endeavour to pay the exact amount as we do not keep cash on the Hugs & Kisses premises.


Only once the information form and the correct amount of money has been received will the access stickers be issued


Teddy Bears’ Picnic:

Every year early in March we have a Teddy Bears’ Picnic. We ask parents to pack a picnic lunch for their child and send it to school along with your child’s favourite teddy bear.  Please mark everything clearly with your child’s name.


We ask parents to supply the following toiletries on a quarterly basis:

  • 3 rolls of toilet paper
  • 3 boxes of tissues
  • 1 rolls of kitchen towel (roller towel)

Please hand the toiletries to a member of staff in your child’s class.


Please do not let your child bring a toy to Hugs & Kisses, unless specifically requested by your child’s supervisor.


Water bottles:

For children in the Fishes, Teddies, Tiggers and Owls groups, we request that you please send in a suitable water bottle, with a sports top, that is clearly marked with your child’s name, for your child to use during his days at Hugs & Kisses.

This enables us to ensure your child is always well hydrated, especially during the hot summer months. We only give the children water to drink, and hope to help establish the healthy habit of drinking water for all the Hugs & Kisses children.