Lenise Hamilton

Lenise Hamilton has been the full time relief teacher since 2014. She’s a mature woman with an extensive knowledge of babies, having been a Foster mom for 22 years, caring for abandoned new born babies. She has a passion for children and will go the extra mile to ensure the children under her care are happy and feel safe. She is also the full time administrator for Hugs and Kisses.

Dorothy – The Owls

Dorothy joined the Hugs and Kisses family 9 years ago. She is a mom to a toddler. She is very meticulous in what she does and a great asset to the school. She is responsible for all “In-house Admin”. She has a B.Ed. Degree in Foundation phase with her main subject in Remedial teaching. Dorothy was responsible for the toddler group – the Fishes- from 2010 to 2014. She started the Grade 00 group (5 year olds) in 2015

Candice – The Tiggers

Candice has been a member of the Hugs and Kisses family for 15 years. She has a son in High School. She is very outgoing and bubbly. She is the “In-house Manager” for the school. She is a qualified teacher with a NQ5 Higher Certificate for Early Child Development. She is responsible for the Grade 000 group (4 years old) .

Tebogo – The Teddies

Tebogo has been with Hugs an Kisses for 4 years. She is a mom to a pre-teen girl. Her qualification is a certificate in Pre-School teaching – NQF5. One of her talents in the class is that  she is the supervisor of potty training the little ones. She is fantastic in making the potty training journey completely effortless. She is responsible for the 2-3 years olds

Megna – The Fishes

Megna joined the Hugs and Kisses at the beginning of 2019. She has the most wonderful knack with the little ones. She has a National Diploma in Early Child Development NQF Level 5. She has a Certificate in management and is currently studying child phycology part-time. She is responsible for the Baby group, 1-2 years old.